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Wireless High Speed Internet

$99 per month

No contract


Purchasing Process for Internet Data Plan

Wondering how to get started on all the benefits of our wireless data plan? The purchasing process is simple and streamlined. Here are the steps you need to follow for a more connected lifestyle:

Need a Device?

Choose the device that fits your needs to start your wireless internet service. Price includes activation and first 30 days of service. 


Equipment mails out Priority Mail.  Please allow 3 -7 days for delivery 


 Once device and activated sim card arrive, just insert sim card into device and connect.

Have your own device?

Order your active sim card when arrives just insert and connect

Plug n Play!

Wireless high speed internet with network prioritization,our plan does not get slowed down after 22GB's. Stay connected at home or on the go 

“This is the second time working with this company and its wonderful. I had a few problems setting up. They asked for my # then walked me through each step. Their service is fantabulous.”

Enjoy High speed Internet 



Wireless High Speed Internet just $99 per month tax and fees included no contract, no credit check. Our plan has network prioritization during peak times which makes it ideal for Streaming your favorite shows, gaming or just surfing the web at home or on the go !

Service and devices


Our goal is simple : We provide truly high speed wireless internet for an affordable price for businesses, residential or on the go. We help people who live in remote locations around the country find a better solution to high speed internet. Whether you live in a location where traditional wired has never been established, travel the country in an RV, or have a cabin in a remote location, we can help keep you connected to high speed internet using one of our wireless hotspots . 


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