Frequently asked questions

Is my device supported?

Is your device is AT&T unlocked it will work with our plan. We can assist with devices that we have knowledge on.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel is very simple, you can message us or when next bill shows ignore and do not pay. You wont be penalized either way you cancel

How often will I be bill

We will send you a bill 2 days before due date . If the due date falls on a hiliday or weekend you will be charge the day before. Bill cycle is every 30 days Accounts not paid will be disconnected automstically. To renew account activation plan will be charge again

What if i buy by mistake

Unfortunitely we prepay for this Enterprise lines and can not reimbuse the ammount we already paid

Will my internet slow down during peak times

Our Enterprise have prioritariztion during peak times to keep using your internet at the higher speeds

I live in a rural area will this work for me

Absolutely, we specialize in areas where temporary cable never been establshed without the need od those annoying dishes or interrupted signal with the use of Wireless hotspots

Why buy your device?

Our devices are unlocked, programmed and set to work out of the box